Another clan war with [DK] || Duel with [DK]koko
Posted by Stoku on August 04 2008 02:56:31
Today we've played a next clan war with [DK] clan. We won 10-6...Not too good, but one player of [DK] clan had ping bigger than 600. Anyway. Below are more informations:
Clans: [LCK] vs [DK]
[LCK] players:
- Stoku
- Thug
[DK] players:
- koko
- badboy

Results: 10-6
Winner: [LCK]

Now I say something about my duel with [DK]koko. We played to 15 kills, but when there was 6-0 for me [DK]koko has left the game. That means I won by walk-over :(.