Our clan will not die that fast - funny duel with [DK]koko
Posted by Stoku on July 29 2008 14:40:54
Today i've had a duel with [DK]koko. It was a fight "for the clan" like [DK]koko said. I wont that with finger in my ass :P.
Players: [DK]koko vs [LCK]Stoku
I round: I won
II round: [DK]koko won
III round to VI round: I won

Results: 5-1 for [LCK]Stoku

And below is funny log of our fight (I've cutted only commands and servers echo). Have fun while reading:lol:.

[DK]koko: you will fight or no?
>> [DK]koko( died
[DK]koko: fuck it
[LCK]Stoku: cheap
[DK]koko: the bug
>> [LCK]Stoku died
[DK]koko: 1:1
[DK]koko: man play for the clan?
[DK]koko: ok
[DK]koko: if i win you will make your clan off
[DK]koko: and join my clan
[LCK]Stoku: nope, cause you not win
[LCK]Stoku: come here fast, cause i have no time >_<
[DK]koko: and if you win i will make my clan off
[DK]koko: and join LCK
[DK]koko: ok?
[LCK]Stoku: i dont want member like you
[DK]koko: ok fucker
>> [DK]koko( died
[DK]koko: haha
[DK]koko: nice one
[LCK]Stoku: 2-1
[LCK]Stoku: thanks
[DK]koko: and it is lucky
[LCK]Stoku: no luck
[LCK]Stoku: just skill
>> [DK]koko( died
[LCK]Stoku: 3-1
>> [DK]koko( died
[LCK]Stoku: 4-1
[DK]koko: fukck u
>> [DK]koko( died
[DK]koko has left the Game.
[LCK]Stoku: 5-1

Ps. His clan is still active. No ballz to close it?