OMG! 1 year on VC:MP!
Posted by Stoku on July 23 2008 23:33:09
I've just released that we played VC:MP for almost 1 year!
Our VC-MP clan played since 19.06.2007. We had ups and downs in the clan like all the other clans. We had lots of duels and wond all of them by us, the proud magnificent LCK!

Our VC-MP history:
19.06.2007 - VC-MP team opened.
21.06.2007 - New VC:MP recruits - PuXoR and Basteek
23.06.2007 - New VC:MP recruit - Collins
07.07.2007 - Collins and Basteek are now clan members, and PuXoR is kicked
19.06.2008 - New VC-MP member - little_man
26.06.2008 - New VC-MP member - ReeVe; little_man has left our team
02.07.2008 - New VC-MP Co-Leader - Thug aka Weed
17.07.2008 - New VC-MP member - m3dioN.

Sorry if I've lost some informations about joins. Sorry for the late news too.