NEW GTA3 MULTIPLAYER!!!! || Liberty Unleashed
Posted by Stoku on July 28 2007 18:10:57
I have great informations for GTA3 lovers!
VRocker is making a new multiplayer for gta3 named Liberty Unleashed.
Progress of this mod now is 6% and it's pretty cool.
More info's:
" * Implimented / commands into the server ready for scripting to handle. Added a /me command
* Added some commands such as /nick, /reconnect, /disconnect
* Added player markers to players (I forgot to do it when i first put players in). Can be turned on and off in the server config.
* Added Kill/Death messages. Still need work though
* Started work on adding weapons (w00t) Baseball bat is a tad dodgy atm but its still in its early stages
* Added PM's
* Started work on aiming for when weapons are completed
* Had a mess with aiming for weapons - Didn't go so well in the preliminary tests...
* Added a few simple sync check for valid data just to be on the safe side
* Hooked the vehicle process and got a load of vehicle related memory addresses
* Changed some netcode to make sure players arn't desynced for even a second (Includes validation checks)" - From developer blog

This movies are showing sync in Liberty Unleashed:

This is sniper rifle testing. You can see here pixel sync:D

And some screens: