Posted by Stoku on February 06 2007 09:34:42
Fist - basic tool of mord. Fist is faster than baseball bat,
it's simple to avoid other players bullets with fist, but it's weaken.

Baseball Bat - weapon which better use when you don't have ammo. It's hard to hit someone.
But it's very powerful tool, player which have 100HP after three hit, lay
on his back.

Colt - a light gun, which everyone have after respawn. Medium range and 12 bullets in one clip.
It's the best to kill enemies with UZI. Good weapon, when you don't have anything better.

UZI - fast, light weapon which medium range. 25 bullets in clip. You can in the same time
shot and run, that why shooter is harder target. Very good to defeat players which
Shotgun. I very like this gun.

Shotgun - slow but powerful weapon. It's shot 5 bullets which fly in other way.
During shoting player can't walk and after shot better jump away.
That gun have shot range. Good to kill players which AK-47.

AK-47 - heavy but powerful weapon which long range. While you shoting player are unable
to walk then he is easy target. 30 bullets in clip.

FlameThower - heavy weapon which short range. When someone step in their flames
lose fast about 80HP. But nobody like when someone use it.