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August 10 2022 07:42:48   
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Message to all LCK members
Much of peoples know what was here, but now forgot about this. Original message is DELETED and dont ask me what was posted here.

Dear LCK members!

I dont left MTA:GTA3. I'll try to earn some money and buy a clan server. If you want donate please contact with me. All our server hosters will be warm welcomed too.
ZentriX on February 23 2008 19:44:32
No comments :/ It's just loosing our time...Its nonsence becuz he dont understand...he think that hes "good of MTA" now becuz he write ums script and can kill n00bs >_> When some1 kill him, he always crying that we lag...K for the ones that dont know me, I am co-founder and public relation member for the SwaT clan and UMS Server.

For some time now I have been following from a distance recent and old posts here and inside the UMS server regarding certain LCK members and there frustration.

Alright now the problem at hand. It seems that lately Stoku has been having issues with Snoob and his admin work and rules enforcing inside the UMS server. We all know rules are necessary to have a certain civilized game-play and they have to be enforced. Now coming from a experienced and well known player like Stoku we can't help but not understand how he could blindingly dis-obey our rules which are pretty simple and not to oppresive.
Continued on next post...
SwaT_Bendito on February 23 2008 19:45:53
Now Suicidal Stoku,I am relying on everyones good sense to understand how a DEATMATCHING server is not the place to /kill yourself all the time...Where's the fun ?? We dont make it a official rule cause we hope that players understand this to be rather simple and obvious thing not do in respect to opposing players. But Stoku did not like that and now publicly posts in regards to that !!
SwaT_Bendito on February 23 2008 19:47:27
Alot of players often ask me why the UMS dont have a Forum. We feel every little problem can be solved one on one, LIVE in person inside the server. No need for deragotary words and insults to be thrown at each other ie: Stoku using the MOFO directed at Snoob in his first post. After all when you get into a fight or mis-understanding with a friend you dont go out and start yelling on the porch for everyone to hear
SwaT_Bendito on February 23 2008 19:47:57
To finalize LCK members and players alike. Me SwaT_Bendito along with Snoob and the UMS, try our best to deliver everyday and in the most reliable, respective, and serious way, a server for everyone to enjoy where there is no language barriers, where you can RPG or DM, or just ride around if you want. Basically we just want players alike to have fun in a fair environment for all.
SwaT_Bendito on February 23 2008 19:49:07
Thank you for you time.
Stoku on February 23 2008 21:03:10
Bendito. I know you can be mad for me because you are a big "part of UMS" and Snoobs friend from the real life, but im not mad for you. You not kicked and banned me 2 times for nothing, but Snoob did it. And now Im talking about honor. I dont want to lick Snoobs ass and if I'm banned 1time - I dont want to play there anymore. Snoob don't want me on his server then he dont see me there. And that is a point.
SwaT_Bendito on February 23 2008 21:13:12
I understand your point Stoku, and although I have no relation to whats going on between you too, it does concern me ver personally cause LCK has been with us since day one at UMS, thats why I take it very seriously when faced with this problem between you two. Now I'm sure Snoob had some very good reason to very important word here TEMPBAN you, and we all know a kick is more of a way to attract a players attention to a problem and thats it... You know I never played inside your server so I dont know how you guys admin you server... But honestly never thought we'd be such a different server with our basic rules...
ZentriX on February 23 2008 21:16:51
Its not about fuckin rules bendito, because every1 of us brake them, and u kno it,

Its now personal conflict between us. In old days all "relations" between us was like "in familly", but by few thingz and some words snoob fucked all, he lose all respect in my eyes. I never before say a bad word on him. He did it few times, so dont fuckin say thats missunderstanding.
ZentriX on February 23 2008 21:22:04
et into a fight or mis-understanding with a friend

Exacly "friends" dont act like snoob by shitty talks about lags and other shits to us
SwaT_Bendito on February 23 2008 22:05:30
Alright so I can see there's no point in continuing this conversation with you guys... I guess Snoob can't be allowed to be tired and short tempered for one day or two without pissing you guys off for ever... I guess you're right Zentrix we should of treated the LCK, unlike everybody else and let you break the rules without warning and reprimend, because if not you'd make a fit about and disrespect us on your website. Im sorry I doubted your ability to see and understand that we tried to be fair with everyone. I understand that you no longer want to play in the UMS after such a HUGE disrespect like that... I mean wow, are we acting like little girls now !!! I find it very unfortunate how and for what reason the LCK have chosen to end this relationship but accept, after all when you guys grow up a little you'l understand life goes on...even when you have a bad day once in a while...Goodbye.
ZentriX on February 23 2008 22:20:19
LOL dont fuckin make it up side down...

At 1rst snoob disrespect me, so iv got reason to talk shits to him
2nd thing about that ban 4 stoku, If he knows that ROFL is stoku he can tell em dat, plus some players on servers acting the same like shooting, running, pausing eg. Kenya or cobra and snoob do nuffin to them, so dont make fool from ppls >_> I am childish but understand i wont be respect ppls acting like snoob...
west on February 23 2008 23:00:58
Ok, I just want to say that some of the LCK members here are being hypocrite. You cry about a ban for being annoying, but you yourselves attempt to ban other people without knowing anything. I remember Zentrix insulting me and calling me hacker because I beat him all the time, and then Stoku also sided with him just because they are "friends". And on top of that Zentrix would insult me for my fighting style and call it "faggot style" just because he get PWNT. Deal with it. And then he tried to ban me for it, which in fact he did, and then tried to subnet ban me. Idiot. Don't act before you know whats going on.

And you Stoku, stop being so sensitive like a little girl, and cry for some ban, you should have known that your "honor" was at stake when you started flooding the chat by killing yourself 10 times per minute.

And one last thing, don't say that SnooB is "licking" my ass, and that he does whatever I tell him to do. That's not true. Snoob has kicked, banned and put the auto-kick on me many times for doing things he dislikes. So you have no argument in saying that he "licks" my ass.

Stop being a little girl and just get over it. Zentrix said he "quit" and look at him. He plays under aliases. So just do the same, or use your name. But just forget about this "kick/ban" thing for which you are acting like a sentimental 5 year-old little girl.
ZentriX on February 23 2008 23:38:13
LMAO ur fuckin hypocrite 2 so stfu. Bedito and Snoob r friends too.

Second thing is that u dont need to use hacks and mods, snoob said about that shit with dual core cpu and game speed, so i might be wrong.

now ur cryin the same like me, ur not better then me, the same crying like girl.
Plus - u can say nuffin about honnor becuz u dont even fight with honnor( shoting me in the back when i was typeing), and that "faggot style" its true, because u using the same way like stoku's do this time. U kno that is shit but u dont brake the rules( why didnt u fight like that with snoob and rest?) Pls get out and never come back, uv got nuffin to say here
Stoku on February 23 2008 23:51:59
west i dont have to play there. UMS isn't last standing server then what is your argument to back playing there? To be kicked for my viruses? To be banned for having fun? I can do what I want on Wojje without ban.

I said you are licking Snoobs ass.

I dont banned you too, then you cant say if I'm on Zentrix side or on your. Do you remember yesterdays game? I dont cried and i was losed with honor, but today you was closed game or healed when you had low hp.

Thanks for compliment with this 5yo little girl. Do you think I'm sexy? xD
west on February 24 2008 00:05:53
Zentrix said "Second thing is that u dont need to use hacks and mods, snoob said about that shit with dual core cpu and game speed, so i might be wrong."

It's not that you might be wrong.....It 's that you ARE wrong. You accuse me of modifying the weapon.dat file just because your noob ass get PWNt by me. Idiot. I can use whatever style of fight I want. You are nobody to criticize my fighting style, in MTA players are free to chose whatever style they wish so long as they don't brake the rules. So you shut the fuck up.

Shut the fuck up and stop accusing me like a little girl, you stupid. You are the one who shouldn't be playing, you said you would stop, so stop. I'm not going anywhere. I will continue to play, and will continue to OWN your ass because I am better than you, and you will never be better than me. Deal with it.
(And good job IGNORING the part where I said that you tried to ban me like an idiot admin)


Stoku, you are free to play wherever you want. But don't say I was licking Snoob's ass because you haven't mentioned any evidence of such thing. I actually think you're a cool guy, but I'm sorry I have to tell you to stfu because what you're saying it's not true.

And if your game is minimizing, then you should fix it before playing again.
Stoku on February 24 2008 00:10:11
Yesterday you was ok because it wasnt problem for you. Today Snoob has kicked me for "pausing".
Stoku on February 24 2008 00:12:07
PS. I havent time and I'm too lazy for reinstalling windows.
west on February 24 2008 00:16:01
Your game minimizing was not a problem for me yesterday, and it was not a problem for me today. If Snoob kicked you for it, that is his business, so you talk to him.

And if you don't have time and are lazy to install windows, then you should also be lazy and not have time to play MTA.
Stoku on February 24 2008 00:17:43
MTA=fun(not including this day)
Reinstalling windows+all apps=boring
west on February 24 2008 00:23:12
It will be more boring when your game keeps minimizing, and then get kicked for "pausing". Because when your game minimizes it is perceived as a pause by other players, and gives you an unfair advantage.
Stoku on February 24 2008 00:26:07
Unfair adventage - true. But when I maximize it I have black screen for 5secconds and you can kill me without any problem.

...Familia pas avoir.
west on February 24 2008 00:32:17
Other players (including me) will not feel sorry for your 5 seconds of black screen.

Don't fix your problem if you don't want to.
Stoku on February 24 2008 00:34:30
I dont need your sorry. If you wanna talk im on wojje too. I was changed nick for you. I hope you like this. lol
ZentriX on February 24 2008 10:22:05
I can use whatever style of fight I want. You are nobody to criticize my fighting style, in MTA players are free to chose whatever style they wish so long as they don't brake the rules.

EXACLY!!!! Does stoku brake the rules? No!!! I can say That ur "faggot style" its "disrespecting Members" like snoob do. He dont brake the rules, he play with OWN FIGHT STYLE. It's so ironic because now snoob acting like me, when he get pwned and some1 pissing him off he do the same shit like me.

and will continue to OWN your ass because I am better than you, and you will never be better than me

Ye maybe, especialy when i w00p ur ass on other nick and u get out the game lol. I dont fight like u, i dont run like u even if i lose.

(And good job IGNORING the part where I said that you tried to ban me like an idiot admin)

Rofl because i know that uv got dynamic ip and not only me - kanada do this 2, snoob now by banning stoku do the same "idiot admin" job

It's not that you might be wrong.....It 's that you ARE wrong

I still think that u use some shit, because that isnt glitching game acting weird, and thats not only my opinion. No one came in game and killing all like that, even lance and kanada dont do that, and dont fuckin say that ur pr0 thats why u kill us all
west on February 24 2008 16:19:25
1st. My fighting style doesn't disrespect other members if it doesn't break the rules. You even put it in quotes.

2nd. I will be better than you because I still PWN you with your MASSIVE lag. You lag like shit. Your ping always goes from 50 to 250 in in a matter of 2 seconds. You don't have the right to claim any skill with that lag, because the advantage that you get is too unfair. The people who are able to PWN lag like yours are the ones with true skill. I will continue to believe that you are nothing without your lag, and will wait until you get a job and can buy some real internet so that you can prove yourself. But as of now your lag is doing the work for you.

3rd. So because I've got dynamic IP you try subnet ban me? You still try to ban me for something you believe, and that it's not true. I don't know what Kanada did, but Snoob banned Stoku because he was abusing his privilege to kill himself, and was flooding the chat. So don't compare your idiot admin job to others.

4th. Once again, I don't use shit. Your crappy internet and lag makes you see things that are not there. Get a job and buy yourself some real internet before you judge without any knowledge.
ZentriX on February 24 2008 16:38:59
The people who are able to PWN lag like yours are the ones with true skill. I will continue to believe that you are nothing without your lag

Rofl such of igrorant. If iv got shitty pc means that iv got worse situation then u with good pc and dont talk shits if ur game works faster then mine u should kill me faster then i kill u.

2nd. think i dont use subnetban, so dont lie

3rd. I can talkin and talking about that and i cant prove u somethink, but dont make fool from ppls, u still gettin errors when u play, ur char runnin when ur in ammunation, u jump from the roof and run when u fall, when i shot somewhere in teh sky ur falling down and in 1 sec warping 4-5 meters away, its nearly impossible to hit u, and dont say that iv got shitty aim, because its easyer to hit ppls with ping 170-220 then u. I dunno what it is( turned off frame limiter? I dont kno) but i kno that isnt normal, and dont learn me about mta because i kno better then u this game.
west on February 24 2008 19:24:30
Funny how you leave your lag out of the response, and try to cover it up with PC issues.....

Once again, get a job, and buy a real internet connection. If you "know" so much about this game then you should know that your terrible lag is responsible for all the shit you're seeing. Get some Euros and buy a real internet connection, not some shitty wireless crap like the one you have. Then maybe you would be able to see what really goes on in MTA.
Stoku on February 24 2008 19:43:07
I have wirelesssmiley
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Mates. Get VC and play VC-MP wit us.

04/08/2008 20:36
yo ziom ;D dawno mnie na stronie nie bylo ;<

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Zentrix madaffaka! xD Ja będę want to play z you kiedyś tam. Dobrze napisałem? ^^

03/08/2008 12:24
Hey Guys!!! What Multiplayer Creator have got the LU?

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Heheh. Gooj job m3dioN.

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CongratuLEJSzions :] m3dion good to see you in LCK smiley

02/08/2008 11:45
I dont know where is he. // LU - Liberty Unleashed: new multi for GTA3

02/08/2008 09:26
hey guys, where is Zentrix? I'ts my the best friend from LCK [don't worry stoku smiley]

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